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Uncovering the Keys to Hormonal Migraine Relief:
Embrace Pain-Free Days


Get Access to your Key Strategies Below!

Gain in-depth insights that could help curb those painful migraines around cycle days. Are you feeling stuck? Perhaps, focusing on the wrong hormones is the culprit. Join us and find out.

Hi, I'm Debbie, Functional Migraine Specialist focusing on eliminating the root cause of pain so migraines become a thing of the past.

After earning my certifications in Functional Health Coaching and working with hundreds of migraine suffering women, I discovered how to reduce the severity, duration, and frequency of migraines using techniques proven in both scientific research and my own practice.


Inside this guide, you’ll learn how the latest in scientific research into female hormones is helping women like you reduce the severity, duration, and frequency of their migraines…

Free from Taking Countless Pills and Medications

While Eating the Foods You Love

Avoiding Gadgets, Risky surgeries, and Quick Fix Promises that just don’t work.

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What Freedom From Migraines Members are saying...

  • Screen Shot 2022-02-13 at 10.06.12 AM

    Shontane M

    I woke with a migraine during menstruation and near the full moon. I used many of the tools, and by afternoon I felt great. I didn't use any meds. I usually always end up with a 3-4 day severe migraine at this time. Grateful. ♥️

  • 242739958_10224735318706237_441891038676989618_n

    Christine B

    I realized I got my period and was way for the weekend on a road trip but didn't get a migraine!  Either of those situations would typically leave me with a headache or worse ut not this time! 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Kim Peterson

    Kim P

    I'm not totally done with my period week but so far I've been migraine free! We are traveling tomorrow to see my sister but I'm packing my own food/snacks & I've got the tools to make this a successful trip!  Before I would have never traveled on my cycle week but now I feel I can.  So looking forward to seeing my sister, it's been too long!

  • Chantal

    Chantal H

    Managed to have a full day training session and didn't get a migraine during it. Normally this is not the case. Thankfully my work on my buffer paying off.

  • Rachel P

    Rachel P

    Dealt with emotionally draining situation which would normally bring on a migraine... it hasn't happened.

  • Barbie AFTER photo 4-29-21

    Barbie M

    Life is amazing without migraines. Go us!

  • Sarah Mc. Facetune_25-11-2021-18-07-14

    Sarah C

    Paying closer attention to what my body needs.  Joining FFMM has changed me mentally and physically in an amazing way.

  • Circle


    I have been doing well. Several weeks of absolutely no pain at all and this past cycle pain was very managable.

  • Elaine Anderson

    Elaine A

    I celebrated my 50th birthday yesterday and despite a busy few weeks before hand, delighted to say it was migraine free! 

  • Jo A Headshot 11-29-21

    Jo A

    So I'm truly thankful for time to address these things, courage to learn in a new way, support on the hard days and the gift of brighter healthier days.  Im now down from 3 to 4 migraines a week to about 3 a month, if that.  It's working!!  Keep going ladies.  I'll be cheering you on in WMF group.  Much love ♥️

  • Julie Reecer

    Julie R

    I usually have to refill my sumatriptan 100mg RX twice a month = 18 pills. Since 9/02 I have only taken 6 tablets! This is HUGE for me. And, my Emgality RX ran out of refills two weeks ago and I didn't even realize it. I feel just fine without which proves to me that it wasn't really helping me much anyway. I am mow completely off 3 daily meds I was using for years! Woohoo!!

  • Shelly JE

    Shelley J

    So thankful for everything I have learned from The Migraine Freedom group and Debbie Waidl! I have had the bet migraine free Christmas!  Blessings to you all!

  • Lori F. 12-13-21

    Lori F

    I was able to put some of these tips into action for the first time in the past few weeks and was able to catch my headaches and stop them in their tracks.  I even avoided what I knew would have been a full blown migraine and it went away.  I am new to the program and I feel very hopeful that the more I learn the better I will be able to control things

Get Access to your Key Hormonal Strategies Below!

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