Surviving to Thriving for migraine sufferers in a toxic stress-filled world

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For the 1000's of women experiencing stressors in their life who are struggling to end their migraines

“I use to get offended if someone commented about stress in my life.  I thought they were saying I was weak, I couldn't handle life's challenges.  I look at it differently now and see the huge part it plays in my migraines.  It is not a reflection of how strong you are as an individual.  Stress is a fact of life and we need to learn the tools to minimize the impact it has on our health..."     MaryBeth N. FFMM member, USA

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At this summit, you'll discover...

  • What happens when we are under stress and how that impacts each of our main body systems, triggering migraines

  • The connection between nervous system dysregulation (i.e. stress!) and chronic pain [migraines] and disease.

  • How stress can wreak havoc on your monthly cycle and menopause, and what you can do to avoid the 'monthly' migraine.

  • Chronic stress and the neuroinflammatory connection that impairs brain function & health

  • The connection between circadian rhythm and poor brain detoxification when stress impacts sleep

  • Facial Acupuncture/Acupressure points to reduce stress for migraine relief

  • Inflammation and how proper food and lifestyle help repair the body to reduce physical stress

    and so much more... 

jeanne clunn ffmm
Jeanne Clunn, Certified Nutritional Cosultant, HTMA Consultant

How to avoid migraine triggers from stress

Bonnie Flemington, MBA, CNP, Nutrition Educator

How your gut can be the center for migraine intensity

Shannon Hansen-Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Hormones & Your Migraines

Kristin Wedding-Certified Health and Wellbeing Coach, RYT-200, Certified Pause Breathworker

From Pain To Power through the Breath ‘Test’

Andrea Jones, Bachelor's Prepared Nurse

How to get your cycle to be your friend

alicia stanhope ffmm
Alicia Stanhope, Clinical Nutritionist

Healing a body that's in breakdown mode

Deb Murias, Certified Holistic Nutritional Practitioner

What foods trigger stress & hormones that breakdown the body

Daina Gardiner, Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach

From restless nights to sleep filled nights with toxicity mitigation

dr brooke
Dr. Brooke Foreman, Integrative Chinese Medicine Doctor & National Fitness & Yoga Instructor

Gateways on the face that heals

Lisa Garrett - Holistic Nutritionist, Gut & Psychology Practitioner

Taming stress even in stressful situations so you can tame your migraines

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We hate spam and will never sell or rent your information.

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What Freedom From Migraines Members are saying...

  • Sonia W 2 11-30-21

    Sonia W

    I used to think that I had increasing stress and anxiety due to the chronic pain of migraines and all the disruption and disappointment it brought to my life but as I've got better and better during FFMM and finally found migraine freedom I've found, (for me), that stress and anxiety was the roots rather than the flowers.

  • Staci H-M

    Staci M

    I thought I was handling stress relatively well until I joined this program. Now, with all the new tools I’ve learned, it’s so easy to see how I let stress rule my life. I’m learning to recognize when I’m carrying that stress in my body—clenching my teeth or tightening my shoulders or furrowing my brow—and utilize the mindset tools to relax those areas. Once I employ the tools I can use in the moment like deep breathing, I can feel myself relax. In the past, I would have continued to hold onto the stress until a migraine formed. I believe learning these mindset tools is one of the reasons I’ve seen such a significant reduction in migraines since joining the program

  • Carrie M

    Carrie M

    Until working through the program, I never really accepted that my stress could be such a significant contributor to my migraines. I’ve always known my stress levels were very high, and that they certainly didn’t help, but I never considered they were such a powerful trigger. Now I am really working on managing my stress instead of always brushing things off that would help me because I’d have to do it all myself, or just figure no one else would.

  • Mandy W

    Mandy W

    I am much more aware of stress now. I find myself tensing up fists, neck, shoulders, jaw, frowning and actively try to relax those areas when I recognize it. Also, yesterday I was out on a walk and felt my migraine increasing. I stopped, sat down on the ground in the middle of a field and began focusing on my breathing and letting go of the physical tension I could feel in my body. I enjoyed the feeling of the warm sun on my face, did some neck rolls and exhalations through the stiff tender bits. I do believe it helped and took the migraine back down a notch or 2.

  • Rachel P

    Rachel P

    Dealt with emotionally draining situation which would normally bring on a migraine... it hasn't happened.

  • Brenda S

    Brenda S

    I never realized how much stress I was internalizing until I began seeing it and releasing it. I put so much stress on myself to be more for everyone. I stressed about having family over. "Was my house clean enough? Did I have food to offer them?". I was, also, super stressed about not know "WHY?" I was getting migraines. Every migraine ended with "Do you know what triggered it?" I couldn't identify the triggers, mostly because I didn't know how many and which they were. Now, I take a deep breath and realize I don't have to be everything to everyone. I know, almost specifically, what triggered a migraine and adapt to try to build my threshold for next time. I believe learning about my stressors, doing mindset work, and daily meditation has really helped me build the threshold that will lead me to freedom.

  • Barbie AFTER photo 4-29-21

    Barbie M

    Life is amazing without migraines. Go us!

  • Sarah Mc. Facetune_25-11-2021-18-07-14

    Sarah M

    Paying closer attention to what my body needs.  Joining FFMM has changed me mentally and physically in an amazing way.

  • Terri B

    Terri B

    Stress for me was always considered it's own entity. I've learned that it is in fact a piece of the puzzle to find freedom. It could be a large piece or a small piece. I can do all the other things and still suffer. In fact I'm sure that was a huge factor a couple weeks ago when I had my never-ending migraine (it did finally end). But by taking stress seriously and adding meditation and doing it consistently it has really helped! Who knew? Oh wait, we all KNOW. 💜

  • Elaine Anderson

    Elaine A

    I celebrated my 50th birthday yesterday and despite a busy few weeks before hand, delighted to say it was migraine free! 

  • Kathy S

    Kathy S

    Stress for me now is something I deal with as a cause of migraines, right up there with... all those other external triggers I know create inflammation. Not only do I realize stress has to be dealt with, I realize the dire importance of ordering my life in such a way that stress is mitigated to a large degree. That I am finding can be very difficult because life happens and we can’t run entirely away from stress, however I am learning that future choices in my life need to take ‘how much stress’ it will cause into account. I have so benefited this week from the discussion on stress and mindset work on having fun, which is great stress mitigation! My FriYay celebration is getting my mind more wrapped around this!

  • Tyler R

    Tyler R

    I always knew that stress was a trigger for my migraines, but with 5 kids & their various (& numerous) medical & mental health needs, I thought I was destined to be stressed forever. It’s not like we have any control over external factors like those, right?
    But the mindset calls helped me learn that I can control how my body & mind react to these external factors. I learned which breathing exercises were helpful for me, which mindfulness practices worked for me, and what other tools I could employ on a daily basis to help keep my stress responses under control.
    I love to dance it out or listen to music I enjoy, I’ve started colouring several times per week, when I feel stress rising I breathe with purpose and work on my internal dialogue.

  • Shelly JE

    Shelley J

    So thankful for everything I have learned from The Migraine Freedom group and Debbie Waidl! I have had the bet migraine free Christmas!  Blessings to you all!

  • Nicole McK

    Nicole M

    I needed a little more time (hence answering a day late) to really think about what “stress” means to me & does to my body. I have poo pooed the “S word” as I thought I was an expert at handling my stress! Lol 😂 My chosen career was nothing but stress which I thrived in. Constant emergencies & crisis! Growing up I didn’t have great role models helping me coup with stress.
    Currently I believe how I deal with stress is a HUGE factor in my 22 year migraine journey. I have immersed myself in [the] mindset coaching calls & focusing on gratitude journaling, self love, grace with myself & awareness. I’m looking so forward to the Stress module.
    Confession.... I would have done this module first it it wasn’t locked. Debbie’s too smart! Now when I feel tension in my neck I remind myself that I am building up my “threshold” & pull out a tool ....  So grateful I’m in FFMM 😃

  • Lori F. 12-13-21

    Lori F

    I was able to put some of these tips into action for the first time in the past few weeks and was able to catch my headaches and stop them in their tracks.  I even avoided what I knew would have been a full blown migraine and it went away.  I am new to the program and I feel very hopeful that the more I learn the better I will be able to control things

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