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The Freedom From Migraines Method.

In the Freedom From Migraines Method, we're revolutionizing how women tackle migraine symptoms through our proven, natural root-cause protocol.

You’ve spent a ton of money on alternative healthcare yet migraines are still showing up (including chiropractors, acupuncture, massage, bioidential hormones, daith piercing, biofeedback therapy)

I know how it feels to have tried everything under the sun for migraines and still find yourself searching for answers. It's easy to believe there's nothing new out there that could possibly help.

But, what if there's one more option you haven't explored yet?

The Freedom From Migraines Method is designed with your busy life in mind.

It's not about overwhelming you with more to do; it's about integrating the strategies you need seamlessly into your life to finally offer the relief you've been dreaming of.

Don’t let skepticism hold you back from what could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Let's explore this together.

The Freedom From Migraines Method is right for you if

You've tried literally everything under the sun to keep your pain from returning and nothing's worked (including medications, diet, supplements, testing, injections, surgeries, steroids, physical therapy).

You’ve spent a ton of money on alternative healthcare yet migraines are still showing up (including choropractics, acupuncture, massage, bio idential hormones, daith piercing, biofeedback therapy)

You've invested years going to the neuologist and the top pain clinics and all you have to show for it is more medications and procedures plus worsening symptoms (including medications written off script-not meant for migraines, Botox, Steroids, Hysterectomy, Nerve blocks)

You have a purse full of pills and gadgets just to leave the house and function through your day.

You worry your friends and family are getting tired of you canceling plans due to your pain.

You're struggling with anxiety and depresion and miss the old you.

7 month coaching program

whats inside

The Freedom From Migraines Method Plus Program

Daily Support & Coaching: Real-time guidance from our experienced Success Team, including healthcare professionals, educators, and past migraine sufferer, leveraging the Migraine Freedom Protocol™ for lasting relief.

Weekly Personalized Check-Ins: Guided progress tailored to fit your life, reducing migraine impact without the confusion and disappointment that often accompanies independent research, plus additional bi-weekly accountability check ins ensuring you stay on course.

Twice-Weekly Coaching Calls: personalized support and actionable advice covering everything from migraine freedom strategies to training on gut health, hormones, and autoimmune issues. Perfectly planned to fit your full schedule, with recordings for easy catch-up.

Access to Educational Content: Learn at your own pace with extended access to detailed modules and resources, supporting your busy life.

Migraine Freedom Tools Shop: Alleviate your immediate pain as you delve into root causes with our selection of products—carefully chosen for their symptom -reducing benefits. Each item serves as practical, comforting support on your path to life lasting relief.

The Migraine Success Tracker: pinpoint how daily lifestyle choices and your environment may be exacerbating your migraine pain. Helps identify your personal Migraine Threshold so you focus on the critical areas of your life that need attention while disregarding those that do not.

4 Personalized 1:1 calls: where you can dive into specific issues you feel need more undivided attention for your success. This is great for the women who is not only suffering with migraines but a combination of the following. . . advanced autoimmunity, anxiety, depression, cancer (past or present), heart issues, severe gut health issues, severe stress, past injuries or diagnosed neuralgias.

Bonus Troubleshooting Audit: a valuable aid designed to narrow down where your energy should go. We pinpoint hiccups that could slow you down, helping to steer clear of detours and keep you on the fast track to migraine relief.

Recipes for freedom: A 1-year subscription featuring 800+ migraine-friendly recipes

End of program 1:1 session: to ensure your continued success and any final protocol updates.

Alumni Membership Support: Continued exclusive support in The Freedom From Migraines Method Alumni Membership, where you can continue your access to all course material, all bonus guides and speakers in the FFMM group, tools shop, success trackers, and daily coaching support with the reassurance that you are not alone as you continue to find your lasting freedom.

What Our Clients

had to say...

Don't take our word for it

What their loved ones said:

"We live life and we're just having a great time and we just trust the process. I would encourage them to join the program and do the program and work, read, study. I think we're all lifetime learners."

"If you're willing to put the work into the program, you will have a positive result at the end of it "


"The program has really, truly, in my opinion given her quality of life back. She's more active, she's able to do things that she was doing prior to the migraines. So everything she's had now really has helped. This program has been fantastic. It's really done a lot for her."


"It’s been great having my mom back and having grandma back without having to have migraines every day. And it’s been really fun to be able to continue to do all the fun things, hanging out with the grandkids, going for bike rides."


"We learned that if you try to then push through and do more, you just get a rebound headache. And all of a sudden you're down again, and that just makes it worse. It was good to learn that these were the things that we could change.  It's totally worth it."


"You want your spouse to be healthy, and this might just be the road. For my wife, the neurologist way wasn't the road. You got to give it a try. I'd right a check for three times what we paid. It's not just her that's going through it. You're going through it too."


"When I think back to all the hard work and effort that it does take and it's not easy, stick with it because it'll all drop into place and the outcome will be pain-free or lower pain-free."


"So just the logic standpoint of my own mind is like, why wouldn't you roll the dice on them, even if it only worked 50 % one less day, a month of a migraine is still a win, Cheryl got her life back. Helped not 20%, but helped 90 % it really, really helped."


There's just so many avenues for your people to turn for help. You have a lot of good systems in place for people.

So there's hope, there's that community and she'll have it for the rest of her life, that program that she put in place.


I highly recommend the program just for that sake and how it helped her get off of some of those medications and monitoring her own lifestyle.


"In just a short amount of time, there has been significant change, with her day to day activities, not sleeping as much, wanting to go places, be involved with things, just you know, overall, more positively charged attitude."



"I will say, Brooke has been taking some of these strategies and buying into them, which is amazing to see for a 15-year-old because she wants to be herself again. And I'm happy to say the light's coming back into her eyes. She's doing great."


"Wendy’s been able to handle the stress in her life much better, and she's been able to move through these migraines with much more grace, ease, and comfort. I hope that helps."


"I came in with high expectations and they were exceeded! "

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How the application process works.

Click on "Apply Now" to access the application. Once you've submitted your form, you'll secure an opportunity for a complimentary Migraine Clarity Call with our team. It's a chance for a personalized conversation about your migraine experiences and to see if the Freedom From Migraines Method aligns with your goals and journey toward relief.

We totally get how stretched thin you might feel, balancing life's demands while navigating through the fog of migraine pain. That's why we're here offering 15-minute calls, entirely free, as a straightforward step towards understanding how we might help ease your struggle. It's a simple, no-strings-attached conversation aimed at uncovering ways to lessen your pain.

If you're genuinely seeking tools and support to reduce those migraine challenges, this call is for you. With a worldwide community of women we support, know that you're not alone, and a solution that fits your busy life is within reach.

Support & Community

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Migraines are more than just headaches; they're a sign of deeper imbalances. This is why temporary fixes like pills, injections, and the latest gadgets often fail to provide lasting relief. Achieving freedom from migraines requires a holistic, full-body approach and we're here to support you at every step.