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A former migraine sufferer turned specialist, Debbie founded the Freedom From Migraines Method™️, offering new hope to those in search of real relief.

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Introducing: The Migraine Freedom Your Way Podcast with Debbie Waidl

So many women are looking for the solution to ending their migraines, despite numerous attempts and no real results. There’s so many options for masking the pain, but what about getting to the actual root cause and solving the problem in order to achieve long-lasting migraine freedom? That is much harder to come by.


Migraine Freedom Your Way

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I joined the FFMM program because I was not finding success with anything and a lot of Neurologists were not looking to help get to the root of the issue. Instead just treat the symptoms.

Brooklynn T


I joined Freedom From Migraine Method because my migraines were getting worse and I was searching for anything different. I was tired of putting meds in my body that weren't getting rid of my migraines and were only short term solutions. Debbie and everyone in the group has migraines so I knew I would have support and felt I could learn from Debbie and others suffering from the same things. I believed Debbie had found a more natural way of healing, which was what I was looking for.

Tammy S


I felt that the women providing testimonials were real folks who could relate to me and my problems because they also suffered from migraines. The amount of medications I was taking was starting to cause other issues and was not eliminating the headaches in the first place.

Janine M


The body inflammation concept made sense to me. I have been chasing triggers but they are a hundred different things. That just didn’t make sense.

Heather G


I stopped going to work in the months prior to joining the program because I was unable to do my job. I continually beat myself up for being unreliable. I needed help. I needed my life back. I needed something different. I needed hope and healing. That's when I reached out and tried Freedom From Migraines Method founded by Debbie Waidl.

Barbara M


I was inspired by Debbie and her team, plus hearing about how it has worked for so many other people. Also, I was intrigued by the methodology behind the programme.

Helen D


I choose to join the FFMM program to regain control over my life and freedom from my migraines in a more holistic/natural approach. Everything I tried from medications to chiropractor care to tens units, etc. never took the migraines away completely - they only helped for a short term. I find that healing and getting freedom through a holistic/natural approach wins every time.

Jessica H


I’ve always been the type of person that will try things even if I’m a little skeptical. Supplements, programs, etc. When I came across this program on Facebook there was just something that stood out to me. The stories and the people seemed real to me. When Debbie made the comment about investing in our health and instead of spending money on all kinds of meds and devices, etc maybe spending money on finding the root cause it just hit me and made so much sense. I don’t want to be on meds forever. I’d rather find out what’s causing these migraines and get that out of my life.

Kim R.


My headaches came out of the blue 16 months ago. I had no point of reference so began researching how to fix my migraines. Hours upon hours of aimless research, until I found the FFMM program advertised. All of the research I needed was already done! The FFMM team had already put together exactly what I was looking for. I could not be happier that my path crossed with this health coaching team and the lovely ladies participating in the FFMM program. I am thankful.

Amber N.


I was determined to get to the root cause of my migraines. After researching, attending a masterclass with Debbie and learning about chronic inflammation, I felt like this could be the answer to my migraines. I have only been in the program for two weeks and I have learned so much useful information that is helping with controlling my migraines.

Ann S.


I decided to join the program because I have done so many things in the past that I pieced together myself from different sources. The techniques I used were somewhat helpful, but over time I felt overwhelmed with all the different diets and approaches I have utilized and just felt that nothing was helping my migraine anymore (vestibular migraine). I needed an approach to get things back in balance that made sense to me, and I have found that with the FFMM program. The program brings together many ways to decrease inflammation and can be tailored to the individual. It also gives the reasoning behind the methods, which I appreciate a lot as a RN who needs to know the why! Mostly, I decided to do the program, because I need my life back. I was feeling hopeless, and this has given me hope.

Robin H.


I joined the FFMM program because nothing I tried was working. Not medicine, Botox, and going gluten free! It's been the best decision that I have made to have a healthier lifestyle.

Tina C.


I have been a part of the Women's Migraine Freedom group on Facebook for a while and after hearing other success stories, I decided to take the leap. I have tried everything from preventative medications to hospitalization to help give some sort of relief. I felt like I was at the end of my rope until I discovered that there are options out there where I don't need to simply add more artificial chemicals to my body.

Tiffany D.


I was drawn to the program, I believe, due to its total health, natural healing methods. Although I have taken over the counter medications, I've never really wanted to play the game of trying different prescription medications.

Kristie R.


Something was just not right, and conventional doctors just were not helping. Was I skeptical, yes, but my anxiety over these migraines was desperately spiraling out of control. I have not looked back and have not regretted joining the wonderful Migraine Freedom team. You just can't put a dollar amount on this type of support and help, not to mention I am no longer having weekly migraines, 17 days migraine free and I am just beginning with this program.

Cheryl D.


I decided to join the FFMM program because everything else I have tried, failed. My migraines were becoming more and more frequent, and more and more debilitating. My new norm was becoming me, on the floor writhing in pain and uncontrollably throwing up for hours, and as a stay at home mom, this was just not acceptable. I knew I needed to find lasting and easy to manage solutions, and found the Freedom From Migraine Method--and what a blessing! In the short month I've been part of the program, I have already had a significant decrease in these debilitating migraine days, and there is an amazing support team on deck at all hours to help any way possible. Plus, the community of women all working towards one goal is such a powerful reminder that I am not alone and we can do this!

Windy H.


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weekly on the Migraine Freedom Your Way

Podcast, where Debbie shares natural, straightforward strategies designed to address the root causes of migraines.

Go beyond temporary fixes with guidance that offers straightforward strategies, not short-lived management tools to decrease your migraines' severity, duration, and frequency.

Whether you face the occasional migraine or daily battles like I did, we aim to make your journey toward a pain-free life as simple and effective as possible.

Debbie office

Hey! I'm Debbie

I’m a migraine freedom specialist helping women achieve long-lasting relief from migraines naturally, moving beyond the short-lived solutions of pills, injections, and trendy gadgets that ultimately stop working.

After years of barely surviving with daily head and neck pain, I turned a corner from merely managing my migraines to truly overcoming them. Instead of masking symptoms with temporary fixes, I dove into understanding the underlying causes of my migraine and neck pain. Along this journey, I gained two functional health and wellness certifications, devoured every piece of research available on migraine root cause, and even became my own experiment to craft a solution that didn't just alleviate my pain short term but actually addressed its root cause. This journey wasn't just for me; it's a path I paved for women like you, offering hope and a real solution for those ready to reclaim their lives from chronic migraines.

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Join us

Join us weekly on the Migraine Freedom Your Way Podcast, where Debbie shares natural, straightforward strategies designed to address the root cause of migraines.

Go beyond temporary fixes with guidance that offers straightforward strategies, not short-lived management tools to decrease your migraines' severity, duration, and frequency.

Whether you face the occasional migraine or daily battles like I did, we aim to make your journey toward a pain-free life as simple and effective as possible.

Your guide to a life beyond migraines.

Start living on your terms.


Impactful Episodes: Dive into concise, action-packed episodes that deliver practical information without the fluff. Real strategies, real results.

Holistic Approach: Learn simple and sustainable lifestyle changes to alleviate migraines by addressing their root causes.

Shared Hope: Be inspired by countless women who found their path to migraine freedom with our method.

Ready to take control?

As a former migraine sufferer turned wellness educator, I'm devoted to making what is usually a complex and intimidating world of managing migraines …a simple and easy root cause approach you can personalize to fit your needs.

I work with women who, despite NUMEROUS attempts, have not found a permanent solution for ending their migraines…

You'll soon realize that I'm not only fired up about helping you learn how to conquer your migraines, but equally, about helping you reclaim a life you love in a way that works for you.

This podcast is NOT about managing and pushing through migraines with medications or injections, the latest and greatest migraine elimination diets, or quick-fix schemes...

  • It's about finding your root cause and then implementing simple and sustainable changes to your lifestyle and in your environment to achieve pain-free days.
  • Each week, I'll discuss topics that are truthfully relevant to migraine freedom, not migraine management. There is a difference!!
  • While there will be times we discuss techniques for pain management because let’s face it—-you need some relief while you are working on your freedom,—- our goal is to educate you on how to build a life where migraines are a thing of the past.

In our journey together, I'll get to the point by providing real, no-nonsense advice in an easy-to-follow-to-follow way that doesn’t take up hours of your time.

We’re not just talking about migraine prevention but also about living a fulfilled, migraine-free life in your own way.

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As my listeners,

I want you to remember these three things.

Yes, you can conquer your migraines, and it doesn't have to be as complicated or challenging as you think.

You can shape your path to wellness, it doesn't have to look like anyone else's... you genuinely can create a life free of migraines - your way.

The relief when you find your migraine freedom is real and lasting- it can truly give you the encouragement you need to fully embrace a new way of approaching your health.

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Let's reduce your migraine symptoms so you can
Feel Great, Make plans, Enjoy Life

Migraines are more than just headaches; they're a sign of deeper imbalances. This is why temporary fixes like pills, injections, and the latest gadgets often fail to provide lasting relief. Achieving freedom from migraines requires a holistic, full-body approach and we're here to support you at every step.